Dash is a 7 year old pup with strong herding drive and a desire to please. One of two pups surrendered by a Vietnam Vet who was going in to assisted living, Dash was originally rescued from a cattle ranch where he worked herding cattle before becoming a family pet. Dash is a little shy at first, but warms up fairly quickly and loves to get pet though he’s not a huge snuggler or cuddler. He will chase other dogs who run, so would do best in a household with another confident dog who won’t run from him. He is also just a little heavy, and could stand to drop a couple of pounds. His initial heartworm test was a very light positive, so he will be getting retested to determine if he actually is heartworm positive or not. Otherwise, Dash is a great pup who is house-trained, likes his crate, and likes to exercise (though can turn it off to go inside).

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