Age: 6 mo old (as of 10/20)
Sex: Male (Not Yet Neutered)
Coat: Red and white merle rough coat
Weight: 36 lbs

Activity Level: HIGH – PUPPY
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown but likely

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Dobby is a six month old BC mix (possibly cattle dog, possibly Catahoula) whose unique looks matches his personality perfectly! With three-quarters of a tail, one brown eye and one blue, and an all pink nose, Dobby is a striking pup who is all about the fun wherever he goes. He is all puppy, playing and running and tugging and wrestling with any and all comers. He attacks everything with the same puppy enthusiasm and is just a fun pup to be around.


At about 36 lbs, we expect Dobby to be a larger pup (probably in the 50-60 lb range), and will definitely be a dog that you need to keep occupied. He can jump a five foot fence from a standstill, so might be great at tricks or freestyle. He definitely loves his ball and tug, so may have some serious sport potential with a little work. Otherwise, Dobby will likely just be a fun-loving, active, get-into-everything kind of pup that will do great in an active home with lots of fun things to do and fun friends to play with.