Doc is one of seven puppies born to mom Tabitha on May 16, the day Tabitha was set to be released from the shelter into our care. Instead, we rescued Tabitha and her babies as they were thisclose to being put to sleep due to overcrowding in the shelter. Unfortunately, only four survived their early weeks.

Tabitha’s puppies are ready to get out and learn and grow with their own people. They’re all up to date on shots, microchipped and had a clean fecal. Mom is an Miniature American mix and we Embark tested one puppy who came back with a variety of breeds – MAS, Catahoula, Husky, Pom, and a few other breeds (dad was definitely a Heinz 57)! Mom is a lovely dog so from a genetics standpoint, her pups hit the lottery with her. They’ve been raised around lots of dogs, have met children and other animals, have been exposed to multiple environments. They all are pretty chill and not bursting with confidence; they are not going to freak out and hide from new things but they are not going run up and tackle it without thinking either. They eat well and are capable of settling in the house on their own after play.

Doc is the calmest and quietest one of the bunch. We wouldn’t even quite say timid, but he’d just would rather sleep or chill while other stuff is going on. He’ll play but he generally taps out first. He will have a short coat, and he is the smallest of the litter.

Doc is available for adoption now, though we will want to make sure that any adopter is ready to raise a new puppy and all the challenges and fun that comes along with a pup. He has not been neutered, so his adoptive family will be responsible for neutering him and providing BCSAVE with documentation of the neuter prior to him turning a year. He has also not been tested for heartworms, as heartworms are not detectable until at least 6-7 months of age. He has been on preventative since he could be, but BCSAVE recommends his adoptive family test him for heartworms at 7 months and again 6 months later just to be sure.

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