Dominion is an owner surrender with West to the shelter in Graham, TX. Both Dominion (Dom for short) and West came in after the owners said they seemed to get anxious around the newborn in the home. At 30 lbs, Dom is a smaller pup but that just makes him perfect to snuggle in your lap. He does well with other dogs, is house and leash trained, and is an easy-going guy who loves to run and play but can just as easily hang out in the house. Dom would be great for a more urban home, though he would be fine in a suburban or rural setting as well. At around four years old, he’s beyond the chewing stage and can be trusted to be left alone, but he’s still young enough to have a lot of active years ahead of him. He has not been kid-tested but with his mellow and loving personality, would probably do just fine with most kids. He’s bouncy, friendly, and loves people and rides in the car like a champ.

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