Ellie Bean

Ellie Bean, a Border Collie/ Spaniel mix, was rescued 5 months ago by a private individual who paid a neighbor $100 for her after seeing Ellie Bean tied out in the back yard and being fed pork and beans. Now 10 months old and around 30 lbs., Ellie Bean was WAY TOO MUCH for her owner and her owner’s two elderly dogs. The owner was referred to BCSAVE by one of our sport/ work trainers to see if we could help.

She’s house/ crate/ leash trained, but is very herdy and still puppy nips. She’s fully vaccinated and spayed, but does need a heartworm test (she has been on heartworm medication). She loves toys, playing, fetching, chasing, sharing, playing with other dogs and people and is super sweet but a bouncy, active puppy.

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