This beautiful 6 month old redhead joined BCSAVE when her parents, who were another unfortunate set of victims of COVID related job/home/life changes made the tough decision to let us find her a more stable home. Harlequin (Harley for short) came to BCSAVE needing some basic socialization and life skills. She is a little timid with new experiences – dogs, people, and pretty much everything else. She has been becoming more confident but will need to continue learning that the world is not a scary place. She is also still working on house training, though she is leash and crate trained. Harley is a snuggler and will tuck her head into your shoulder, especially if she is nervous or scared. She also likes to play with other pups, as long as they aren’t too pushy or assertive. She also has some ball drive but she is not obsessive and we would consider her a moderately active pup who likes to run and romp but can definitely come inside and relax. Harley will make great family pet for a quieter household with a playmate for her to have fun with.

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