Age: 6 mo old (as of 12/20)
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: Red and white
Weight: 28 lbs

Activity Level: Medium-high to HIGH
Good with Other Dogs: Yes (some)
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Yes (some)

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This beautiful 6 month old redhead joined BCSAVE when her parents, who were another unfortunate set of victims of COVID related job/home/life changes made the tough decision to let us find her a more stable home.
Harlequin (Harley for short) needs some basic socialization and life skills. She is a little timid with new experiences – dogs, people, and pretty much everything else and needs to build some confidence. She also needs some house training, but is leash and crate trained. Harley does love to cuddle and snuggle, especially when she gets frightened. She is learning to play with other dogs, but overly assertive or active dogs still cause her stress.
Harlequin will NOT be available for at least 8 weeks. She will be getting some basic training then assessed for sport drive (as she is a bit of a ball dog already).
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