Age: 3 yr old (as of 3/21)
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: Black and white
Weight: 30 lbs

Activity Level: Medium
Good with Other Dogs: Yes with slow introductions
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown

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Jackie is a petite 30 lb, BC mix (maybe purebred) who was found in rural Mississippi and transported to our rescue partner in Louisiana. She is a sweet girl who takes comfort from her person and needs some time to learn how to be a dog. She is a little shy and timid, especially around new dogs and will raise a lip if they get in her space, but you can tell she wants to play and run and chase but just isn’t sure quite how. She will need a gentle hand and some time to really learn what kind of dog she wants to be. She has not shown any toy drive, though she does love a treat. She seems to be housetrained and does well on a leash, and loves her crate as a safe space to relax.


It is difficult to determine her energy level at this time, as she still needs to gain confidence. She is also heartworm positive, so we are not putting her through any rigorous assessment. She can be fostered to adopt through the heartworm treatment (which is covered by BCSAVE) or adopted with a heartworm treatment contract (if treatment is completed through another vet who is not a current low cost partner, BCSAVE will only pay for a portion of the cost).
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