Jake is a 6 year old purebred Border Collie looking for his furever home. Jake is wonderful at playing fetch, tug, Frisbee, or just chilling on the bed with a chew toy. While he loves to play and needs his daily exercise, he’s not as high energy as you might expect for a purebred Border Collie. He has a wonderful off switch and will sleep at my feet when I’m on the computer or wait patiently if his foster parents are busy or working in a place he can’t go. He’s exceptionally smart, like many Border Collies, with a long list of commands that he knows, and he loves to learn new ones. From a grooming perspective, he’s a rough-coated Border Collie so brushing his long fur daily is essential to keep it looking great and prevent mats that make him itch.

Jake’s looking for a home where he can be the only dog and get the focus and attention that he really needs to thrive. His original home was just not able to give him what he needed. Due to what seems to be a lack of early socialization, he still has a lot of anxiety with new people and new situations, and he can’t handle a lot of change all at once. We take him everywhere we can, but this big wide world is still so new for him. He will need a loving home that can help guide him in this big and sometimes scary world. He also cannot be with other animals due to an inability to understand body language and an intense herding focus.

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