Jenny is a 3 year old tri-colored Border Collie mix. With long legs and a sweet disposition, Jenny is a moderately active pup who likes to run and play with the other dogs but has a great off-switch. She is wonderful with kids and other dogs, and does well with new people. She has recently that discovered tossing dirt in the air and trying to catch it is loads of fun, and it is becoming one of her favorite past-times. Other fun things to do include playing fetch with balls and frisbees, splashing in the water, running, mouth-fighting with other pups, and relaxing at your feet. Jenny does have some reactivity to new situations and new people as well as the leash. She will need an experienced adopter who can work with her through her reactivity and is willing to give her time to warm up to new people and new situations in her home. Otherwise, Jenny will make a great family pet, and would like a back yard and some friends (hooman or pup) to play with!




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