Age: 3 Year
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat: Black and white Rough Coat
Weight: 45 lbs

Jinx was a three year old neutered male whose original owner had to surrender Jinx due to a very unfortunate housing situation. A purebred Border Collie, Jinx was a very high ball drive dog and was be assessed by our sport foster for ball and toy drive. Upon assessment, our foster realized that Jinx had an uncanny talent for learning tricks (though his catching skills were sorely lacking lol), and networked Jinx through various sport and working dog pages. Soon afterwards, Sara Carson Devine of The Super Collies ( reached out to BCSAVE for more information. After an interview, virtual home visit, additional medical tests, Jinx was given an excellent bill of health and Sara adopted him to make him the next SUPER COLLIE!!

All of our BCSAVE rescue pups are special, but it is super wonderful to see one of our rescue pups go on to the big league! And a HUGE thanks to Sara who chose to rescue!

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