Age: 2 Year
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: B&W Short Coat
Weight: 38 lbs

Kona was pulled from the Dallas Animal Shelter and even though she was a great pup, got very little interest during her time in the DFW area. A gorgeous BC with strong herding instinct but a love for cuddling, BCSAVE moved Kona down to Austin to try her luck in the Capital.

Within a week, Kona’s foster had her out and about in the South Austin area, hanging out with all the cool kids and pups. A BCSAVE alum in the Austin area had just started thinking about a strong, confident girl pup to counter-balance the BCSAVE pup she already had, and fast forward – meet & greet with the fam and the pup turned into the perfect match!

We love it when a familiy adopts from us, and we love it again when they come back to BCSAVE to add a new family member!

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