Age: 2.5 Years
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: Red & White Rough Coat
Weight: 38 lbs

Luna was an owner surrender who came to BCSAVE after an unfortunate incident in which she placed her mouth on a young child’s leg. She did not draw blood but she did cause bruising and the child became afraid of Luna and the family did not feel comfortable keeping Luna in the household. After Luna came to BCSAVE, we determined that she was an extremely high ball drive dog with some personality quirks that would make her suitable for only an experienced BC owner who was fully aware of her tendencies. Lucky for Luna, we found the right owner who understood that Luna was not a snuggly dog, preferring to get scratched only as a prelude to playing fetch. She will spend the rest of her days with her new family, which includes three human brothers, who will be able to throw the ball as much as Luna wants!

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