Malone is a 1 year old BC mix. We think some sort of terrier, and he has the stocky body of a terrier more so than a Border Collie. Malone can be very shy at first when meeting new people, but will warm up eventually (especially if you have treats) and loves to snuggle on the couch next to his people. He’s an old soul in a young pup body – he loves to play with the other puppies, running and chasing but he is more than happy to get into *his* spot on the chair away from the hubbub. He doesn’t like change or lots of new things thrown at him – he likes his world to stay the same with little interruptions. We don’t expect Malone to get much bigger than 35 lbs, so he’s the perfect size for a smaller home or apartment and would do fine with regular walks and romps at the park, though not the dog park (too many new things at once).

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