Age: 9-10 weeks old (as of 5/20)
Sex: Female (Not yet neutered)
Coat: Black and white smooth coat
Weight: 7 lbs (and growing)

Activity Level: Moderate – PUPPY
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Yes

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Martha is a 9-10 week old puppy pulled from a bad situation in East Texas. She was one of two older puppies that the rescuers were able to save. We do not know if Martha has much (if any) Border Collie in her, but the adults on the premises looked Border Collie so it is likely she is some sort of Border Collie mix. Based on her personality and temperament and size, we suspect that Jack Russell Terrier is a significant part of her DNA!

And Martha is as terrier as they come! She likes to dig, and run, and explore, and while she knows her name, will only come when *she* is ready and not a moment sooner. She’s very active and much more enthusiastic about attacking life than her brother, George. Martha enjoys tug too, and is better at fetch (or maybe just the retrieve part?) than George, but is not consistent at it yet. She’s a little spitfire of a dog, with the bark of a terrier and the brains of a Border Collie – a fun little one-two combo. Martha will probably do great at agility or flyball, if she was properly motivated. She is also not spayed yet, so will be adopted with a Spay contract. We don’t expect to adopt her out until she is at least 12-14 weeks old (if not older), but pre-approved adopters can let us know now if you are interested!


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