Age: 5 mo old (as of 1/21)
Sex: Male (Not yet neutered)
Coat: Black and white
Weight: 28 lbs

Activity Level: HIGH
Good with Other Dogs: Yes (with some resource guarding)
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown

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Merlin is a 5 month old BC boy who was surrendered to BCSAVE when his owner was not able to give him the time and training he needs. Merlin is very high energy and has started to show some resource guarding when it came to his people when other dogs would come around. Besides the resource guarding, Merlin is all puppy – learning dog etiquette, house training, crate rules, and just how to be a good pup in general. Merlin does have some toy drive and will undergo our extended sport assessment for at least 8 to 12 weeks while we see how much toy drive he has and if he is well suited for disc or other competitive sports.
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