Age: 5 Years
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat: Black and white Rough Coat
Weight: 41 lbs

Mickey was a 5 year old BC who has severe hair loss due to fleas and scratching. He also had some broken and worn teeth, and was not in great shape when we got him. A stray picked up in Parker County, Mickey did have a gentle and sweet disposition that shone through his big, brown eyes. He did not like a lot of pomp and circumstance, so we placed him with a foster who could provide Mickey a quiet place to get better and would spoil him rotten in the meantime. Well, Mickey worked his magic on his foster, and his foster decided that he was going to spoil Mickey for the rest of his life and adopted him. We’re so happy that Mickey will continue to live the good life with his new FURever dad and can’t wait to see how handsome he looks when he gets all his fur back!

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