Mindy is a 26 lb, 3 year old pocket sized BC who was owner surrendered to a vet in East Texas. The vet tried for three months to find a suitable home for Mindy and when they were not able to, reached out for rescue assistance. We saw Mindy and knew immediately she was a BCSAVE’rrr and that we could help out!

Mindy is a VERY HIGH herding drive dog. She will engage in a little dog play, but for Mindy, herding other dogs is the best thing ever! Great for Mindy, not so great for the dog being herded. Mindy also can be timid and fearful. When she arrived in the rescue several months ago, she suffered from submissive urination (rolling over and peeing whenever approached or scared). She has improved immensely, but can still get spooked, so no yelling at her. She can also be very barky when she wants something – to go downstairs, to get another dog’s attention, to go outside, to come upstairs, etc… She is eager to please her people though, and would be great for home training in things like agility or obedience, though she will likely never be good in public or in any sort of competition due to her timidity.

Mindy will take a long time to get comfortable in a new situation, so patience is key with her. She does need plenty of exercise, and would probably love to herd sheep or ducks all day long if she could. No sheep? For Mindy, lots of space to run is crucial. She is crate trained and loves her crate as a safe space. She does not have any toy drive but is food motivated. She is a sweet girl who would like space, consistency in her life, and something to herd.



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