Age: 2yrs old (as of 1/21)
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: Red and white
Weight: 43 lbs

Activity Level: Medium-high to High
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Currently being cat tested
Good with Children: Unknown for sure but likely older children only

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Peaches is a fun, bouncy redhead BC mix girl who just wants to play and cuddle. She gets along great with other dogs and loves to play. She also loves to be outside and enjoys playing in water, even swimming some. She has not been crate trained but sleeps fine outside the crate, and is old enough that she isn’t chewing or destroying anything when left out. She also needs some leash work. Her current foster says Peaches can be a little reactive while on leash, but it is only with some dogs and she easily stops once corrected.
Peaches is going to need a large backyard. She is a fairly high energy dog, and will need to have some regular exercise and playtime beyond just walks in order to stay happy. In her last home, she seemed a little anxious around their 6 yr old, so a home with older children (or no children) will probably be best as Peaches also has some herding tendencies. She’d be great for an active couple with another high energy dog who loves to play.
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