Age: 3 years old (as of 4/20)
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat: Black and white semi-rough coat
Weight: 50 lbs

Activity Level: Med-high
Good with Other Dogs: Most (not good with other assertive males)
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Unknown but likely yes

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Pete is a 3 year old purebred Border Collie who was owner surrendered to BCSAVE. Pete has had several seizures since late 2019, and his elderly owner was not sure he could care for him appropriately while dealing with his own health issues. Pete has gotten a full CBC blood panel test and an MDR1 test (for ivermectin sensitivity), and none of his tests show any reason for the seizures. He has been in foster care since early April and has not had any seizures since so our hope is that it was environmental but at this time, we are not sure of anything.

Pete has shown his foster that he LOVES the ball and frisbee, but has a good off switch. A little heavy at 50 lbs, Pete gets along with most other dogs though he can have an issue with assertive males. He is currently taking Trazadone to help mitigate this behavior, and has recently been neutered so we are hoping that the combination plus behavior management will cure this issue. He has NO issues with females and is also good around cats. He has great recall, is mostly house-trained, and is currently working on crate training.

He loves being around his people, and does not seem to have issues with children though he can get nippy if they have his ball. He is extremely loving and likes to lean up against you if he is unsure or needs some encouragement. He would make a great companion to someone who is prepared to help him lose a few more pounds and manage his seizures., should one happen again.

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