Age: 10 mo
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: Brown and white short coat
Weight: 24 lbs

Piper was a BC mix puppy who was rescued with her mother, Kira, after her three siblings were all adopted out and she was at risk of being put to sleep. Kira was a Border Collie/ Heeler mix, but Piper’s dad was unknown and based on her looks, we thought either Lab or Weimaraner. Either way, Piper turned out to be a gorgeous chocolate color with just the hint of white socks and tail tip. Piper didn’t look much like a Border Collie though, and even though she was a great pup with a fun personality and lots of charm and charisma, she failed to generate very much adoption interest. However, through a partnership with Relinquished Souls Animal Rescue in Canada, we shared Piper with potential adoptive families in Nova Scotia and almost immediately, several families indicated interest and after a four day journey over land, met her FURever family!

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