Poppy was born on a working ranch in Lexington, OK. She was a singleton pup that was taken from her mom at 4 weeks old. A local teenager took her and kept her in a crate in her apartment until she was 7 months old. She was then given to a lady that wanted to get Poppy out of that situation but quickly realized she didn’t know how to work with a very active border collie puppy and her 12-year-old Pug wasn’t pleased with her living with them.

Even though she was a singleton pup and taken from her mom too young, she loves to play with other dogs and any person that will play with her. She didn’t know any doggie manners when she was rescued, but her two very stable BC fosters pups have been tolerant of her and taught her “dog” manners by which she quickly responded to them appropriately. She is not overly submissive, but she is no alpha either. She loves adults, both men and women, and is very tolerant of her foster’s 3-year-old grandson.

She is crated trained and somewhat house broken. She will not ask to go outside but if you take her out routinely, she prefers to do business outside.

She walks on a leash, will sit, down and wait to be released from her kennel. She has also been introduced to shape training for which she responds well. She will go to a mat and stay for up to 10 seconds. She is a very active puppy and enjoys swimming, playing fetch (still working on bringing toys back reliably). She is super driven and would make an excellent sport dog. She is an exceptional cuddler and loves to be petted and praised so she would do well in an active pet home, as well.



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