Age: 1 Year
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat: Black and white Short Coat
Weight: 35 lbs

Activity Level: Medium
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown



Ripley joined BCSAVE from a puppy mill in Kansas. He is a smaller sized short hair BC mix, about 35 lbs. He was extremely fearful and timid when he came to BCSAVE but learned to love his fosters and the dogs around him.

Unfortunately, Ripley’s immune system was compromised, and even though he was fully vaccinated, he came down with Distemper.  After recovering from Distemper, Ripley developed seizures.  Treatments only reduced the symptoms and over a period of a couple months they became sever and he eventually had to be let go.

A fighter to the end and sorely missed.

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