Age: 8 Years
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat: Blue Merle Rough Coat
Weight: 50 lbs

Taz was one of the Indiana Three, a subset of a group of nine adult and four puppies rescued from a breeder turned hoarder in Indiana. A fellow rescue group, Clancy’s Dream, saved all the pups and in turn, transferred the pups to several other rescues, including BCSAVE (who took three). Unfortunately, all the dogs rescued were heartworm positive. In addition, several of the older pups like Taz, had very bad teeth. Taz was the unluckiest, having eight teeth removed.

Taz was a gorgeous pure-bred, long haired blue merle. The elder stateman of the group at 8 years old, he didn’t look or act his age. He discovered a love of roaming and exploring and toys (well, actually, destroying toys and pulling squeakers out). Otherwise, he was a very regal dog and has an sweet but independent personality.

Because Taz was heartworm positive, he had to go through a “fast kill” protocol treatment. It is often difficult to rescue and then adopt out a senior dog, especially when they have underlying health conditions like heartworms. Taz could not have completed his treatment without his foster mom, who has cared for him through his entire heartworm treatment, including during the scary times where he had some complications. And afterwards, his foster mom because his FURever mom and we couldn’t have been happier for both of them – you can just SEE the devotion in their eyes!

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