Age: 1 Year
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: Red and white Semi-Rough Coat
Weight: 35 lbs

Twitch (formerly known as “Ditch”) was found in a ….. (you guessed it!) ditch with a collar embedded into her neck in Comanche TX. A rescue angel took Twitch in, nursed her back to health, and gave her a home until she could find a more permanent place for her. In stepped BCSAVE, referred by another local rescue angel in the area. Around a year old and 35 lbs, Twitch loves water and running and playing with other dogs.

An interested adopter out of the Austin area found Twitch online and she reminded them of their past pup. They drove to the DFW area to meet Twitch and it was a match made in doggy heaven for both Twitch and her new-found family. From a ditch in Comanche TX to a wonderful home in Austin, we’re so happy for Twitch and her new family!

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