Age: 5 yrs old (as of 3/22)
Sex: Male (Not yet neutered)
Coat: Black and white rough coat
Weight: 40 lbs
Heartworm status: Negative

Activity Level: Medium-high
Good with Other Dogs: Yes – ignores them
Good with Cats: Unknown – but likely will ignore them
Good with Children: Unknown but likely

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Woody is a 5 year old, 40 lb purebred Border Collie boy whose entire life revolves around his toys. Surrendered to BCSAVE because he began resource guarding his toys around a young child, his owners didn’t want to take the chance that something might escalate. We brought Woody in and had a behaviorist evaluate him, then placed him in a foster home where he has been the perfect gentleman.

All Woody cares about is his toys – balls, stuffed animals, disc – he just wants to play. He is great with people, and does not care about other dogs. Even if they try to take his toys, he will initially growl but then does not escalate but let’s them take his toys. He is not super-high energy at all and can easily relax and amuse himself, if you are too busy. but the minute you are free, Woody will bring you his toys to have you play with him. He does not play with other dogs, though, so don’t expect to see him rough-housing with your other pets.

Woody had a FHO surgery in May 2021 after his hip joint dislocated a second time. He has healed beautifully but his new family will want to watch him and make sure he doesn’t overdo it when running and playing. He also still needs to be neutered. Otherwise, he is in great health and would likely make a great casual sport pup. He needs a family that can give him the focused exercise and play time he needs, and keep him both physically and mentally engaged.

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