Zoe is approximately 2 years old and 46 lbs. She was rescued from a shelter in East Texas. Zoe is likely a BC cross, potentially with an Aussie. She does not have a tail but does have many of the personality and traits of both Border Collies and Aussies.

Zoe gets along great with dogs but chases cats, so probably best in a no-cat home. She is also very ball and toy driven and LOVES to play. She is still working on her house-manners, including potty-training and leash training. She may have been a prior ranch dog as she loves to try and herd her whole foster family around, kids *and* adults included. She is not super-high energy though – she can hang out outside and chill on the porch with no issues.

The best family for Zoe would be an active one, where ball play, walks or hikes, and/or water sports are common occurrences. She is on the larger size for a BC at 46 lbs, and she is very strong, so while she is fine with small kids, the bigger kids may need to be the ones to walk her through the neighborhood.



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