Zozo is a 2.5 year old, 34 lb ball of fun! High energy and enthusiastic about everything, Zozo loves her ball, playing fetch, and her ball some more. Zozo came to BCSAVE after her owner reached out for help because she had too many pups and wanted a breed specific rescue for Zozo. We were thrilled to be able to assist as Zozo is all BC, all the time!


Zozo has completed her sport assessment and it has been confirmed – Zozo is a high drive dog who will be best suited in a sport/ competition home only. Her fave activity is disc, and we would prefer a disc home with other secondary outlets for her energy such as agility or flyball. Potential adopters will be reviewed by our sport assessment committee and they will reach out to those potential applicants they feel can provide Zozo with the best long term home!

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